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The better way to shop on social

Herely is the perfect fusion of all the social networking features you ♥ combined with the full power of a hyper-personalized marketplace. 

Key Features


An app where everything fits.

Customize up to 3 Herely Feeds by product/interest categories, and personal preferences (such as brands, budgets, size, style and more). 


Herely can also be customized with unique add-on functionalities, app skins, and feed layout.


The Team



DJ is the founder & CEO at Herely. She comes from a Marketing, and e-Commerce corporate background. Co-host at the Marketing Investigations Podcast. 

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Guillaume is the co-founder & CMO at Herely. He comes from a Marketing, and entertainment corporate background.  Co-host at Marketing Investigations.

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Join us as we build the future of e-commerce


Herely is working hard on developing meaningful partnerships with investors, tech companies and brands. If you want to know more about Herely and our partnership opportunities, reach out now!